Sea Moss Gel Recipe For Hair

Rinse sea moss and rub off dirt with warm water; Add more fresh spring water and blend until smooth.

How To Make Sea Moss Gel For Extreme Hair Growth Firmer

Pour sea moss into a glass or plastic bowl, remove large pieces of dirt or shell.

Sea moss gel recipe for hair. Diy sea moss hair styler gel. As a styler sea moss gel can be applied as the fourth step in your loc method or lco method. Blend the sea moss in to a smooth gel consistency.

I will briefly go through what irish moss is but for a deeper dive be sure to read sea moss vs irish moss blog post. Let’s take a closer look at what is understood to be behind the positive effects of sea moss supporting healthy hair. You would simply need to apply generous amounts of the sea moss gel to your clean hair.

You can also use it on your hair to benefit your scalp. This slightly heats the moss and usually produces a pourable creamy texture, depending on the amount of water integrated. Perfect for frizzy or unmanageable hair.

3 tsp of sea moss gel; Some people do this way. We’ve taken the work out of adding sea moss gel to your routine!

Simply boil your moss until it turns into a gel, allow it to cool down, blend it, add your favorite oils and massage it into freshly washed hair! We’ve hand selected, soaked, and prepared it for you! Diy homemade sea moss hair gel recipe.

Sea moss is quickly becoming popular as natural algae for its health benefits when consumed internally. Simply add a tablespoon to your favorite drink, smoothie, sauces, gravies, pancakes and more! Feel free to add more maple syrup to sweetened the drink to your liking.

You can store the drink in an airtight mason jar in the fridge for up to 48 hours. We make our own gel at home from ocean harvested sea moss. Red’s kitchen sink sea moss /.

Rinse it off and continue your wash day as usual. 2 tsp of avocado oil; Pour the sea moss gel into a clean glass jar and store in the refrigerator.

Parnevu has used irish sea moss in their formula for years. Pour off the water and place the sea moss into a blender. Add sea moss to a glass jar with a lid and place it in the refrigerator to allow it to turn into a gel.

*this video is not sponsored, however i am affiliated with melanin haircare, it is my company. First, you prepare sea moss and simmer, strain and let cool and thicken the water. Whitney shows how to make an easy homemade diy sea moss hair gel recipe in today’s video.

With sea moss gel, a little bit goes a long way. Blend the sea moss and keep it in other pot (that’s also sea moss gel) there are three ways to go about making sea moss gel at home. Second, after simmering the sea moss in water, let it cool and then blend sea moss with this water and that’s other way people make sea moss gel.

Next, pour into a jar with a lid and refrigerate. As if you're rinsing rice. Take the sea moss and water mixture off the heat and allow to cool.

The gel is best used for topical application when it is blended to be very smooth. When you are able to hold the jar upside down and nothing falls out, you have successfully made a good batch of irish sea moss gel. Making sea moss gel is so easy and much cheaper than buying it already made.

One cup of moss will expand considerably, nearly 4 times its original size. Easy 2 step wash & go using irish sea moss for natural hair so you want to be mindful that if you use the irish sea moss gel straight without making it into a styler first, there will be some residue that you'll need to wash away. Aquage seaextend silkening shampoo uses extracts from the sea to fortify the strands, add moisture and smoothness, and provide shine to the hair.

Once the sea moss has cooled sufficiently, transfer the mixture to your blender. Sometimes referred to as irish sea moss, this can be consumed orally in a smoothie blend or even applied directly to your skin and hair. This recipe is a little bit different because it is made with the species chondrus crispus which makes it irish moss gel.

To make sea moss gel, follow my recipe here. Loaded with the goodness of lavender essential oil, sea moss, and coconut oil, this recipe not only style your strands but also promotes hair growth. 2 tsp of coconut oil;

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