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2 to 3 whole cloves. I have a 2 1/2 gallon copper pot still.

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2 cinnamon sticks, broken into pieces.

Cherry bounce recipe moonshine. You’ll also hear a hissing sound. Preserve your fresh cherries in whiskey (or other alcohol) for a delicious year. 3 cups sugar, plus more as needed.

Mcleod, the editor of dining with the washingtons. I know this might be a bad question to ask, but on the tv show moonshiners,. This secret recipe has been inspired by the remarkable acheivements of amos owens deep in the black heart cherry region of north carolina during the 1800's.

This was one of george washington’s favorite tipples, based on papers from his estate in mount washington. Stir to make sure sugar completely dissolves, remove from heat. Once completely mixed, place in mason jar and.

I have been wanting to try making cherry moonshine from cherry puree. The great cherry bounce experiment. Store in a cool, dark place, preferably your pantry.

Cans of vintners harvest sweet cherry puree, i would like to make a 5 gallon mash. The simplified production technology which preserves the taste and smell of berries. Cherry bounce whiskey and moonshine was created by the infamous amos owens of cherry mountain.

Simple cherry moonshine after double distillation cherry brew with sugar and yeasts. In a large saucepan, bring all ingredients but everclear to a boil. Pit the cherries, cut them in half,.

1 quart (16 servings) prep time: Adding sugar increases the yield. The highly desired whiskey was a festival favorite at events hosted by amos many years ago.

Place 1 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup cherry juice into saucepan on medium heat. Amos owens moonshine is proud to present our signature beverage, cherry bounce. Cherry moonshine recipe the 15 minutes prep time does not include the time that you'll need your moonshine to sit in the fridge, since that can vary so widely.

(diana gabaldon, a breath of snow and ashes, chapter 6, ambush) below are 2 slightly different variations of my final reduction, depending on what type of cherries you can find. Cook mode prevent your screen. There are easier cherry bounce recipes in cookbooks as well as online, but those who…

Jan c bradford although this recipe “requires a bit of time and work, it is “well worth the effort” claims stephen a. It’s now time to pour the must into a fermentation container, add water, stir it up, and install a water seal. (epicurious has reprinted the same recipe, which is available online).

Pour in rum and stir to combine, pressing lightly on cherries to release some juices. Let sugar dissolve and turn into a syrup liquid. Mix into a cocktail or shot it straight to understand exactly why amos used to say 'bread is the staff of life,.

Take the juice of a bushel of cherries, dissolve 24 lb of sugar over it, then ye put it in a 40 gallon cask and fill it with whisky. The cherries are very strong after a few. Slice vanilla pods so there is a segment to place in each jar.

Add the moonshine and cherry simple syrup to the bowl. Tart cherries are the real 'star' of this recipe. I plan on doing one slow run, does that make.

He was known to take a canteen full of cherry bounce for jaunts with his prized dog, sweetlips. First cherry bounce post by redwoodhillbilly » sun jul 16, 2017 11:11 pm joeyzr1 wrote:

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